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Obsidian Online 48

Update No.1

Dear players of the Mu Black world, we want to thank you for your support.

With your support we can develop the server even more for a more pleasant experience.


We've also fixed some issues you let us know about:

1. We corrected the drop problem from Blue Chocolate Box - Ancient items.

2. Corrected the problem of the Condor of Flame drop in the Barracks map

3. Item drop issue for fenrir, Splinter of Armor, Bless of Guardian, Claw of beast.

4. Fixed the Moonstone pendant drop.

5. Fixed the Kundun Boss in Kalima 7, now after you kill it, it will spawn next time after 12 hours.

We encourage you to write us any problems you find in our Discord channel. We will try to remove them all.

2023-09-07 06:39

Server Grand Opening Today!

Announcing the Availability of Registration: Join Mu Black Today!

We are excited to inform you that registration is now open at ! 
Players from MMO tops and other servers are warmly invited to join us and explore tonns of features our website offers. 

Don't miss out on this opportunity to be part of our vibrant community.

Stay tuned for more updates as we fine-tune and enhance every aspect of the game.

Start your journey now by registering at and unlock the true potential of your gaming experience. Join us today and embark on an unforgettable adventure!

2023-08-12 12:47

Mu Black Obsidian Beta Test

Welcome to Mu Black Obsidian Server.

At the moment the Obsdian server is started in Beta test.

The Beta test will end on 11.08.2023.


We nearly finished the server configuration, still there are some fixes to be made.

That's why we need your help also, feel free to test it and report any bugs you find 

in our Discord channel.

The players who will find the most bugs will be awarded when the server starts.


The client can be downloaded from the Downloads page.

A good amount of information can be found in the Guides page.

Please note that some information may be missing, feel free to come up with suggestions.

We will continue to update it as we continue to improve the server.


On the server we have two currencies, Credits and Black Coins.

Credits - Currency which can be obtained only by Donating to the server.

With Credits you can:

  • Purchase VIP Status
  • Rename the character
  • Change the character class
  • Convert it to Black Coins (1:1)

When the server opens, credits will be available to purchase through PayPal.

NOTE: By Buying Credits you can not only benefit from vip status and other options, but you are supporting us to continue to improve the server.

Black Coins - can be obtained by converting Credits, by voting, and more.

Black Coins are the main currency on the server, where each player could benefit of.

With Black Coins you can:

  • Buy from CashShop in the game
  • Buy items which others players are selling on the market

NOTE: Our CashShop is very minimal, no weapons or items.


Important Note:

We are continously improving the server, therefore in the Open Beta Testing server will be restarted from time to time.

But since our relogging system works very well, players don't have to worry about it.


2023-05-12 18:08

Server Opened